Take advantage of spring car care here at Acura of Little Rock

With the crocuses blooming and the temperature steadily rising, spring is looking great here in Little Rock. And just as you trade in your winter sweaters and rain jackets, it's important that you take some time out to think about car care. After all, it'll soon be summertime and with so many Little Rock drivers planning vacations and road trips over the warm weather months, so there's no better time to drop by Acura of Little Rock to ensure your car is prepared for the travels ahead.

You might not know it, but the changing of the a seasons has just as much effect on your car as it does you. So, if you've been putting off maintenance during the winter months, it might just be time for your to schedule a service visit with us.

Once you bring your car to our Acura service center here in Little Rock, we'll run through our spring auto maintenance checklist with you and help you address any outstanding repair issues you might be having. From simple things like oil changes and a coolant system flush to realigning your wheels and swapping out any spent air filters, our spring maintenance program is totally comprehensive and guaranteed to get your car ready for many miles of travel to come.

Plus, if you've noticed any issues with your brakes or your battery, you'll be happy to learn that we've got plenty of genuine OEM replacement parts on hand for just such a need. But whatever your car care issues might be, you should know that we're ready and eager to serve you here at Acura of Little Rock, so don't hesitate to plan your appointment this spring so that you can enjoy your car to the fullest all year-round.

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