How Frequent Oil Changes Keep Your Acura in Shape

The factory-trained experts in our Acura of Little Rock service department are committed to the longevity and health of your Acura. Our business is taking the stress of vehicle maintenance out of your life for good. From what our in-house experts tell us, periodic oil changes top the list of things we can do for you to keep your ride running smoothly, efficiently, and for as long as possible.

Motor Oil 101

Traditionally, motor/engine oil consisted of base oils and additives to lubricate an engine and keep it clean of impurities. Today's motor oil does this and so much more. It consists of base oils and synthetic additives that perform a vast array of positive functions in your Acura's engine.

Some of these additives include detergents, dispersants, anti-wear chemicals, antioxidants, and viscosity index modifiers. Each additive helps keep the engine oil from degrading or depositing corrosive sludge onto your engine. The additives also keep your engine parts clean, intact, and working seamlessly.

Acura Oil Change in Little Rock

Why Oil Changes Matter

Your engine works by burning/combusting gasoline. To do this, it needs oxygen. Intake of air is your engine's first stage of the internal combustion. This air passes through a filter, leaving most of its impurities and particulates behind.

The remainder of the debris gets trapped in engine oil dispersants, chemicals that keep dirt suspended in the oil and off of engine components until the next oil change. Meanwhile, circulating detergents continuously keep the engine clean.

Antioxidants and anti-wear additives preserve the integrity of your engine oil and your engine, respectively. Viscosity index modifiers ensure that engine oil retains optimal viscosity despite exposure to high temps and temperature fluctuations.

Dangers of Dirty Oil

Despite the superiority of synthetic modern engine oil, all engine oil absorbs dirt and debris over time. As you drive through Little Rock daily, your engine oil degrades and fails to lubricate properly. It turns to sludge. It clogs your engine.

When this happens, your engine ceases to work correctly. Fuel efficiency decreases dramatically. Engine components may even begin to break down. An oil and filter change is advisable.

How often? Generally, you should have your engine oil and filter changed every 3,000 to 7,500 miles or at least one to two times annually. Speak with a member of our service department for more specifics about your vehicle.

Before scheduling your Acura oil change in Little Rock, check for our service and parts coupons. We update them seasonally so that you might snag a great money-saving deal. We hope to see you soon.